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What you can do to keep your car safer and MORE dependable..


October 2, 2018




THE AUTO ADVISOR | James Morris   Read more



Normal Service vs. Severe Service


September 24, 2018




When it comes to auto services, it's important to know your options.   Read more



If I Buy Two New Tires, Do They Go on the Front or Back?


September 23, 2018




My best friend says that the 2 new tires I bought last week should be on the front of the vehicle, not the back. Please let me know were to find this information and where should the my new tires go? He says it is just common sense to put the new tires on the front of a car.   Read more



Cruise Control, How Do I Diagnose It Not Working?


September 16, 2018




My 2001 Ford F-150 cruise control stopped working out of the blue. It was working great one day and the next day, nothing. What do I need to check to solve this problem?   Read more



A/C Needs to Work in Summer and Winter


September 9, 2018




I have a 2006 Mitsubishi Gallant that has an a/c leak from the evaporator. I added a dye and found the condenser leaking as well. I changed the A/C condenser since I had to change the radiator due to the engine overheating. I charged the A/C system and the system seems to work as it should until the evaporator becomes a block of ice. My question is why does the evaporator freeze up? If I shut it off for a few minutes and let it thaw out it works well, until it freezes up again. I know the evaporator is leaking, and I know I need to replace it. Why does it freeze up into a block of ice?   Read more



Too Much Air


August 26, 2018




I heard you say that a faulty injector could allow air to get in the fuel system, causing the engine to run worse. Is this a test procedure I can do with simple hand tools and a couple of balloons? I love my truck, it seems that everything is so expensive to repair on it. If I can save time and money, I’m all for that.   Read more








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