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What you can do to keep your car safer and MORE dependable..

October 2, 2018


I was watching your show last week and you mentioned the things that people can do to maintain their vehicles. What can someone do to take care of their car who may not be “mechanically gifted?” Frank


Frank, checking your lights on your car, monthly, would make your car safer to drive during the day and night so that other people can see you stop and the direction you are turning. (Turn signals are not optional equipment on cars).


Checking your engine oil at every fill up would insure that minor problems are corrected before they become major issues. When you open your hood to check your oil, you can see if other fluids may be low and if any other leaks are visible. (It is not uncommon for today’s cars to use one quart of oil every 1500 miles).


Clean your wiper blades with a paper towel with soap and water monthly. This your wiper blades to last longer than 6 months and allow them clean better when it rains. Too many accidents happen due to visual impairment according to AAA.


Checking your air pressure and tires condition monthly will let your tires last longer and your car will steer easier. Tires should not be left on cars and trucks that are over 5 years old. Tires this old may blow out unexpectedly at highway speeds according to tire manufactures and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


To tell the age of your tires look at the DOT number on the side of your tires. The last numerical 4 digits on the side of the tire will tell you the week and year the tire was made. If you see 4210 on the side of the tire, this means this tire was made in the 42-week of 2010. A tire this old is at the end of its useful safe life on the road, no matter how much tread is left on the tire.


Washing and polishing your headlights will keep them from hazing over as fast and will allow your headlights to “reach out” farther so you can see better while driving at night. Plastic headlights are on all cars sold since the early 90’s, these plastic lens headlights are safer than glass headlights in a collision situation. So don’t forget to clean and polish your headlights every 6 months so that your vehicle will have a new car look for years down the road.


These are not all of the things that “non-mechanically” gifted car owners can do, just some of the most obvious areas that I encourage all vehicle owners to do.


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